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Hi there ! thanks for visiting my page (´・ω・`)
Please read the rules below carefully before continuing~
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Please Do Not

  • Offer on my characters unless i specify you can
  • Claim my characters as yours
  • Use the artworks
  • Reference anything from my characters
  • Color pick from my designs
  • Repost my ocs art or my own art (Unless commissioned for you / by you)
  • Roleplay as my ocs
  • Use my ocs as "inspiration" for you custom designs / adopts
  • Rule breaking won't be tolerated, you will be blocked & blacklisted.

Content Warnings

  • Blood / Gore 
  • Nsfw / Sexual themes
  • Mental illness
  • Disturbing images

      You may...

  • Ask to be pinged for resells; Unless they're tagged "OffLimits"/"Foreverhomed"
  • Subscribe to me to be notified when one of my characters is up for offers
  • Ask about relationships / send links
  • Draw my characters
  • Dm me
  • Ask to be friends / ask for my socials or discord

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