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  General Warnings  

  • Some characters may contain sensitive themes and images, please look with caution. Usually these characters have another warning just to be safe!
  • Nude, gore and nsfw imagery is all censored, please look at your own risk. I have done enough to caution it.
  • Do not ask for any characters on this account unless I have specifically linked you here via entertaining offers, or something else. General trades/resales are done on the account Soraka .

  • Do not kin with my characters.
  • Do not use my characters for RP.
  • Do not steal my images or claim them as your own.
  • Do not comment rude / NSFW / weird things on my images.
  • Do not reference any of my characters, copy, steal their designs.
  • If you are blocked, do not question it. You're blocked for a reason. If you evade this, you  will be blocked again and all characters will be set to authorized only.
  •  If you're interested in my character trades please go HERE 

   Please understand I have a large amount of GORE images and NUDE / characters in my collection so proceed with caution. THEY ARE NOT TAGGED but images are filtered. But in case they are not, please do consider it when looking around.  

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