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  • NAME   Lukas 
  • AGE   21 
  • HEIGHT   182cm 
  • SEXUALITY   ????? 
  •  He kinda comes off as an asshole. He can say some of the meanest things with a big smile on his face. He does get sad at times and cries over the dumbest things. He acts very child-like and is very immature due to him not being able to experience a normal childhood.
  • he is a tall young man with a very pretty face. Kinda like an ikemen. He tends to be more on the androgynous side with his long green hair and feminine fashion choices. He has a sort of hourglass figure with more weight on his thighs and butt. His left leg is missing and he sometimes wears a prosthetic one, and his right eye is also missing and replaced with a red glass screen. He is paralyzed from the waist down and is usually in a wheelchair.

  • LIKES   Bright colors, Soda, animals. 
  • DISLIKES   His brother
  • Lukas was the first born son to a successful lawyer and doctor. He was born albino and paralyzed. His vision was very poor and he could not walk, he could barely take care of himself. His father was upset at this because it crushed his dreams of having a son he could play sports with and take on trips with. His wife could not bear any more children after Lukas, so his father decided to adopt another son. His second son, who he named angel (cheonsa). After angel was adopted, Lukas was forgotten about and ignored, and left to rot in his room. Angel was a healthy young boy and his father poured all his love into him. Angel was sweet, kind, smart, and helpful. He was also a psychopath. Angel would often visit lukas’s room when he was younger and mess with him. He would push Lukas out of bed, and watch him struggle to get back in it. He would take him spoiled food and make him eat it. Even though angel was 3 years younger, he had complete power over lukas. As Lukas got older, angel’s “pranks” got worse too. When Lukas was 15, Angel decided to stab a rusty fork into his right eye. The eye was then removed by angel and replaced with a digital fake one Angel had made. The eye was controlled through a wireless server and Angel used the eye to display weird pictures and videos for his own entertainment.
    As soon as Lukas turned 18 he was kicked out. He could not walk and could not see well, so he couldn’t work and could not find a place to stay. For 2 weeks he remained homeless, just barely surviving. He had a considerably good looking face and people sometimes gave him food or money. He one day ran into a woman who offered him food and shelter. Her name was yumi, she was an older woman, maybe in her mid 30’s. Lukas accepted her offer and they began living together. Yumi gave Lukas baths and took good care of him, and never asked him of his situation. Lukas found her kindness alarming and was very wary of her. Lukas dyed his white hair green and yumi provided him with a contact for his left eye that improved his vision. Everything was going well until Lukas had a breakdown one day and chopped his right leg off. He never had any feeling in his legs and he was curious if it would hurt if he chopped his leg off. Yumi came home and was horrified by the site, he was rushed to the hospital and given immediate treatment. Later, yumi created Lukas a bionic leg that supported both of his legs, and he was able to learn to walk. Lukas is grateful to yumi and would do anything for her. He currently still lives with her, and they both live a happy and peaceful life together. Lukas still has fear that he will one day run into his brother again.
  •  Angel Brother 
  • Lukas hates his brother with every fiber of his being. 

  •  YumiFriend 

  • To Lukas, Yumi is his savior. He loves yumi romantically, But knows that she will never love him back the same way. Yumi views Lukas as her son and they have an odd parent-child relationship.