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went ahead and made a few of these ^_^

42345047_OHYd9PsAgzf7hLx.png Cosy - A character inspired by or related to cottagecore

42345075_mc4PpFAZoXOjlQI.png?1637957646Overgrown: A character inspired by or related to forestcore

42345996_ae6VGMRfu1VGIOy.pngWarrior: A character who is (or was) a Warrior Cats related OC

i'll also be making more which you will be able to find here!

Looks amazing! <3

I made some ribbons for an ethnicity/nationality that is either unknown or a fictional one :)
I'm obsessed with ribbons now

fQXjlQx.png 76dhIhE.png bXDl5ab.png 

I will edit my comment the more ribbons I make.

aZqsTOd.png VoMDj2Z.png U0IZrg6.png

Pixel Party: The character has pixel art of them.
Now in 3D: The character has a 3D model of them.
Game Master: The character has been featured in a videogame.

Could you please explain the first 3 ribbons if you wouldn't mind 👉👈 sorry I'm kinda dumb but I dont understand the difference between them

Of course! Basically someone had made a bunch of beautiful ribbons for ethnicities that you could put on your character but I have many characters that either have fictional ethnicities or their ethnicity is unknown so I wanted to make special flags just for that.

The first two are for the fictional ethinicities depending on which version you prefer and the third is for if the ethnicity is unknown

ayyy I made some pride flag ribbons :)

uhhh some are my own pronoun flags which I coined kinda here. if they look too similar to other flags please lmk as no one really pointed out anything on my original post but I just want to make sure hjdhdm. ALSO if you have requests you can dm me, I will do almost any flag regardless of how well known it is (unless I’m busy / burnt out ofc) :] all flags I make in the future will also be here!! tysm for checking these out aAAAAAA




angled aroace, reciprosexual, recipromantic, acespike, arospike, frayromantic, cupiosexual, cupioromantic



demigirlflux, demiboyflux, demigenderflux, gender questioning, girlflux, boyflux, aporagender, fluidflux



she/they, he/they, they/she, they/he, she/he, he/she


ALSO a lot of ribbons were not listed at the bottom of this page so I made a list of those with links here :]

[ MisterMuse it would be really neat if you could add this to the submitted section, thanks!! :D ]

Has anyone made adhd or add ribbons? I think that would be really cool :)

aaaaa there is one here!! https://toyhou.se/~comments/8309632

found these and immediately became obsessed. I adore pixel art and I just love the look and function of these ribbons! used on Maiya and I'm definitely finding places for them on other characters c:

i made this little display code a while back but just got reminded to post it publicly, i'll leave it here in case anyone wants to use it! :]

is there a ribbon of this bigender flag?


did a quick look and didn't find one, so i made one for you! :]



you're super welcome!! :D

these are so cool and creative :D!! used <3 https://toyhou.se/7966893.vinny

so cool def using these one of these days

helo aa

theres already a wlw ribbon and someone made a mlm one so i thought of making a nblnb one :'v


forgot to ping MisterMuse hh 

what means this ribbon? is really beautiful!

its the flag for nonbinary people attracted to other nonbinary people^^

ohhhhh :0

Are there any Touretts Ribbons? I would like one. If not want me to make one?

psst, OP. your definition/description for lesbian is outdated and cis female centric. it just means non-men exclusively attracted to non-men, which oftentimes means women but can also includes non-men nonbinary genders.

yea,, i ended up just having to write my own vauge description when putting it on my fursona but like,, it would b better if the actual ribbon ml had the right definition sob 

hihi ! did anyone make a genderfaun ribbon ?

Slate did and a few others in the comments did as well! https://toyhou.se/~comments/6324930 Theres one comment w one!

Ah, I'm so glad at least a few people are still participating in the thing I found yesterday...

Here's a few ribbons I've come up with, most of which I probably won't use.
EDIT 15 SEP: Added Bread crusts

Character Ribbons: 
39238890_qqUjUAzb2EzXlU6.png 39239042_aK4ZxafadDBotAX.png 39239032_pPNdM5ZBbzSMDIv.png39781029_PzOCkOG70wo1B5P.png

Aquatic: For all your aquatic themed characters (I can't tell you how badly I need this...)
Never shall us part: When a character is homed by its creator, but is also their forever home and has never moved, or been considered for trade.
Lock and Key: For characters of a personal species, or when the character owner also owns the species
Bread crusts: A character that's worth at least $10.

Orientation ribbons: (Note: I get all my pride flag knowledge from Pride-Flags on dA, so direct questions there)
39239104_bMFi0Qs5dw2gd8E.png       39238956_fgqkFBjoW5GsniI.png 39239068_gNvx3pCgmxGZgia.png 39239052_yVbKRj1PMr0sOfM.png 39238947_qmjHymYl3MFANFD.png       39238972_hOoYALi4x7PhcJS.png 39239020_tLk3fEMm3kb3whP.png 39239007_gmpc4dMW7DmvLAU.png 39238983_Yc9YzBaNqhzAvyh.png 39238963_V6cMY9XmM0aTZcT.png 39238994_QEA987Xa6ic3U6x.png

Uniattraction: One who is attracted to one other person, and is otherwise ace.
Equiamory: A polyamorous relationship where, all members are in relationships with one another.  (Or every member is on equal romantic/sexual standing with one another)
Polyfidelity: Similar to equiamory, but with added exclusivity to the relationship. One might think of polyfidelity as being similar to monogamy in terms of exclusivity.
Polyfidelity/Equiamory: Two versions of combining the equia/fidelity flags. I can't decide which I hate more, but they both suck. (why do the fidelity flag have to be yucky?)
Ficto-whatever: Specifically for people who are otherwise asexual/aspec but still feel attraction to fictional characters

(I would be very interested to see if people use the ficto- ribbons to label how they feel about their characters XD )

I'm also open to doing more of these if they interest me, so if you have an idea (and think I might be interested), hit me up!

using here!!!! i was also looking for an aquatic ribbon and was so happy to see this one!!!

(Me: could use it for 11 of my characters, but hasn't touched it since making it)
I'm glad someone is using my ribbons! Thank you~

Made some of my own ribbons using the base that was provided! They're not perfect (I don't have much of an eye for design I'm afraid) but I made a few that I wanted and couldn't find elsewhere, so maybe someone else will get some use out of them too! More to be added but these are the ones I've done for now:


'Owned For' ribbons: how many years you've had a character, because sometimes the year they were created and the years you've owned them aren't the same


'New Dawn' ribbon: one for the characters you've had less than a year, because I felt bad that some of my newer guys don't get an 'owned for' ribbon 😂


'Memorial' ribbon: a ribbon for a character you created in tribute to someone who has died, like a family member or even a pet
Please note, I put a cross on this because it's my upbringing but I can make a secular version if anyone wants me to (just PM me with how you'd prefer it to look)

I started doing my magic elements ribbons! They're still a WIP and for now there are only 5, but promise there will be more soon :>


some element/Powers sugeritions!


I may consider creating gem-themed ribbons; hope you guys are alright with this.

I might occasionally update this, if not here's a handy profile I made where I upload all my ribbons https://toyhou.se/12188250.ribbons-

Anyways, some ribbons I've been working on:

Libramasculine - Librafeminine - Libranonbinary


Paraboy - Paragirl - Paragender/Paranonbinary


Oriented Aro Ace

my iPad is lagging so bad rn but tySM fo the paragirl one a aaaaaaaa :DDDDDD

ANirforef no problem!

Oh my gosh I love this one its such a cute ribbon ;;

had some fun doing starsign ribbons!

deuto0b-194c9481-23da-422e-ae33-b595d0ba deuto09-b19ec94e-f4a8-44b7-a4e4-a0a59c3c deuto05-d9a40c08-f640-4970-8eba-28a201ef deuto02-e46eaef6-1bd3-4cd1-aa19-1bd8382b deutnzw-c94d6fb8-d0ce-4796-b4eb-e43c62ca deutnzs-c23a461f-6136-4475-b10e-9f3f113a deutnzl-c940b54f-303c-4eba-a7b7-0495af68 deutnzk-5f8e44f1-d706-42b0-8b55-6d6f3cdc deutnze-4465b1c0-0fa9-46aa-8ed3-8078d7af deutnzb-2c067d0d-50a5-462e-978d-36d5e27a deutnz7-827bbfd0-4360-4795-8ef8-e8a85c81 deutnz4-6d280834-7f90-4b82-b1ed-a4843a54

Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo

Tysm!! Using here

Hey I want to use the ribbon my self but I can’t see the ribbon they look like columns to me 

thank you for letting me know! it seems that the link broke somehow... I will message you when I fixed the link thing, which might take a day, since I'm a bit busy today

That fine, Take your time!

so they should work again ^^"

I see them now thank you!


girlflux! :)



made some mao mao/R&C ribbions!! the text if you wanna copy and paste without typing it all.

1. this character is a fancharacter of Ratchet and Clank.

2. this character is a fancharacter of Mao Mao heroes of Pure Heart.

currently working on homestuck aspects ribbons!


Aspect Ribbons For Homestuck OCs


Derse. Prospit, Trickster Mode, and Grimdark

100% using!!! I'll link my characters when i do :D


I tried to make a Danganronpa Fandom character ribbon cuz i have like 1000 loll. Link back to my comment if you use it <3

Yoo I've been looking for one! I was gonna make one but ur one looks rly nice! I'm gonna use it :D

YAYY~~ im glad you like it!! 

Made some ribbons for myself but thought I'd post them for everyone to use too :)



Cinthean Ribbon: This character is a non-woman OC who is attracted to non-woman OCs.

Boxgender Definition: A form of polygender were you feel like different parts of your gender are in different “boxes” or “sections”! the things in the boxes could be related to each other like all your fictogenders could be in one box while your masc genders are in another, or they could be unrelated like a box could have balloon and honey themed genders even though they have nothing to do with each other they’re still in the same section! you could also have subsections/boxes inside your boxes! Coining post.
Hyperfixation Ribbon: This character is based off or linked to the owner's current or previous hyperfixation(s)!
Special Interest Ribbon: This character is based off or linked to the owner's current or previous special interest(s)!

These are really nice, I love the special interest ribbon! May I ask how you had the little dialogue box show up above the ribbons when the mouse goes over it?

Thank you! I'm happy you like them !

Here's a helpful post for the hover titles ! https://toyhou.se/6636974.-snippet-hovered-definition

Thank you so much!

are there any ribbon bases i can use to create my own? jw!!!

After like 30 minutes of work, I made a neurodivergent pride ribbon!!!!!


The bottom ribbons are the autism puzzle pieces for their ribbon!! The silver button in the center is the color for the dyslexia ribbon! The orange frills around the edge are for ADHD! And the teal overribbons are for OCD!

I haven't seen one this wide (or one for ADHD,,,, at all??) a range of neurodivergency so there's a little rainbow infinity symbol in the middle for everything else!

I hope you all like this one!! I worked very hard on it 🥺


If you wan' link to this one in the main post I'd love to see it there!!

This looks really pretty, but I'd like to say that the puzzle pieces are actually a super harmful symbol, suggesting we have a piece of us missing. It is additionally tied to + coined by Autism Speaks, which is actually an anti-autism organisation that wants to kill and 'cure' autistics :(
Here is a short article on it :)

Oh fuck, yikes-- I'm so sorry! I didn't realize! I knew Autism Speaks was awful, but I didn't realize they made the puzzle piece!! Thank you for letting me know, I'll make an alt here soon! <3 /gen

Fuckin' yikes-- Thank you /g for telling me this, I'll be sure to make sure I tell other people who don't know like I did! I have ADHD so learning about neurodivergency is so cool to me!

Can there be mental health ones? I got ptsd,ocd,adhd,mdd,Anxiety disorder, processing disorder and Schizoaffective disorder.... i would make them myself but idk how to make them to where it doesn’t make others idk...


Henlo! I did us all a favor! This one contains ADHD (the orange), OCD (the teal), dyslexia (the grey) and Autism (the funky colors on the bottom ribbons)! I hope you like it <3

anyone know how to use them?

Some concepts I'm probably going to revisit at some point and make or encourage other people to do if they like the concept enough themselves:

Artfight themed ones:

  • Received an attack - Received 5 attacks - Received 10 attacks - Received 25 attacks - Received 50 attacks - Received 100+ attacks
  • Featured in a mass attack - Featured in 5 mass attacks - Featured in 10+ mass attacks
  • Retired Artfight Character
  • For character: One year on artfight - Five years on artfight - Ten years on artfight
  • Obtained via Design Me An OC on Artfight
  • Created for an Artfight Theme (potentially different ones for each artfight theme?)
Other ones based on ones I saw:
  • Created to be a love interest but ended up a protagonist - Created to be a love interest but ended up an antagonist
  • Made for the creator but gifted to the owner - Made by someone else specifically for the owner - Concept created by owner and drawn to life by someone else
  • Has been a PC in at least one ttrpg system - Has been a PC in two different ttrpg systems - Has been a PC in 5+ ttrpg systems
  • Has been a PC in one campaign - Has been a PC in two different campaigns - Has been a PC in 5+ campaigns
  • A character that helped you realize part of your identity (maybe different ones for gender, sexuality, romanticism)
  • Characters in different ships: m/f - f/f - m/m - nb/m - nb/f - nb/nb - poly V - poly triad - poly quad
  • SU fan character - Homestuck fan character (and the canon gems/species of those properties)
  • For the pokemon fancharacter: trainer character - gen 1-8 pokemon character - pokemon fusion - gijinka
  • Character that is royalty
  • Character created for escapism (as an opposite to made for venting)
Feel free to give me feedback/additions on these! I really wanna add to this!

Hey! I'm so on board with making the last two and the one about the different ships (m/f, f/f, m/m, etc)! I'm gonna start making some of them now, I have some nice ideas for them >:D

Oh awesome!! I'm glad the ideas were inspiring!

id love to see the artfight ones!!! im not good enough to make them,, but if someone else did i would be so greatful 3

Felt the need to make some cause they all look so nice (I know there's already a neopronouns one but I wanted one with the other flag). These were fun so I might add more later


Ldbb7Z1.png cuM6bpR.png 4dQ0js2.png SDjPdf9.png 1uwEozp.png

Gray Aroace - Gray aroace - Oriented Aroace - Quioromantic - Quiosexual

Note: the quioromantic/quiosexual flags seem somewhat interchangeable but I could be wrong idk


naYeOpv.png ZPt2pap.png j5bRMBv.png

Original Gilbert Baker pride flag - Phildelphia pride flag - Neopronouns

I saw all the requests for an autism ribbon, so I made one!


Autism Pride
For characters who are autistic.

This is based on the autistic pride flag, as seen here. Here's a snippet from the page:

The infinity symbol represents neurodiversity, the rainbow represents the pride movement. Gold is used by autistic advocates as the chemical symbol for gold is Au (from the Latin aurum). Gold is promoted as an alternative to non-autistic-led groups designating colours such as blue as a symbol for autism.

Oh, also not long ago I made a code like a wooden shelf specifically for displaying these sorts of things too. Here.

this is so cool! can you do one for Aspergers?

glad you like! Asperger's syndrome is, as of the DSM-5, now classified as simply under autism spectrum disorder and can use the same ribbon. I know the difference is important to some, but, there is also no existing symbolism I can draw from to use for an Asperger's-specific ribbon.

so, i can put to the ribbon tittle "Austism/Asperger: this character have Austims and Asperger" ??


Hello ^^ Just wanted to tel you that this person already has done a Xenogender RIbbon! https://toyhou.se/~comments/6783862

can you please make a htf (happy tree friends) fan character ribbon ? tysm !! i also recommended neurodivergent ribbons such as autism and adhd ribbons (+others) as well !

ooh an autism awareness ribbon would be nice!


  • A ribbon for characters specially created for make vent art or what was used for it
  • A ribbon for characters that were inspired in the creator's pet and/or were created in memory of that pet
  • Alignments and MTBI ribbons
  • Ribbons for characters that have autism

Re: the Autism ribbons: gotta be Red Instead, infinity signs and rainbows are good! Absolutely no blue puzzle pieces as that's the symbol used by those who want to erase us. Just making sure that's out there 💖🌈♾️


How do you use these?👉👈

One for characters who used to be part of a closed species but were removed. No idea what the name for it would be.
2nd Gen - A character who's design was made from 2 or more other characters.

Editing in more
The 16 personality types
Whether a character is a god, normal citizen, etc in their world
Either a ribbon or a series of ribbons for if a character has powers

I've added the removed closed species one to my group https://toyhou.se/10971858.ribbons

So... I somehow missed the fact theres a psd template but I used your sizing to make a couple ribbons and may be making more


These were also inspired by StormyStarlight cuz I like their Spinoff Ribbon but I wanted some more specific spin of of what ribbons lol.

Fandom Ribbons

34456711_WTZUAfIx0uym1ip.png?1620179207 Pokémon Character: A character that is a Pokémon or part of the Pokémon world in some way.

34458121_EieXAEiS754BknG.png?1620178945HTTYD Character: A character that is from the HTTYD fandom in some way.

Other Ribbons

38181650_CIprHFMXMcbReBq.pngDaemon Sona: A character who represents the owner in a very personal possibly spiritual way. A Spirit Guide.

34464519_i17btWkNwgvXtfl.png?1620178673Made With Love: A character that is based on a real life physical object.

34735881_teY4Fori2NBJhPg.pngReleased Closed Species: A character who was a member of a closed species that is no longer a member of said closed species.

Group Ribbons

34470767_wxudwpWqvjxoDeu.png?1620191738E.S.P.: For characters that are a part of the Emotional Support Pokémon Group.

these are nice!! :o i like the unique shape of the second one!

Thanks! I actually got the idea while making the pokemon ribbon. I looked up pokemon ribbon to get some kinda idea what to do and one had a sorta military banner sorta thing for the ribbon part which seemed suiting for the HTTYD world. And the 4 points around the center are meant to symbolize the directions of the compass seeing as Hiccup was always mapping the area. 

can u make one of BATIM/Cuphead/Epic Mickey or in general Toons/Old Cartoons (black and white catoons)???

hi! my friend didnt know if it already existed but he made a BATIM one!

credit to https://toyhou.se/nebulochaos for making it :))

Ahhh tysm!! 

I, personally, would advise against an Asperger's Syndrome ribbon. This is coming from someone who was diagnosed with said syndrome around ten years ago — by now, it's widely considered to be harmful and has many negative connotations. 

here's where i'll be keeping all the ribbon edits i make—they're all free to use, no credit required. :] if anyone has any requests for more flag-based pride ribbons, feel free to reply; i'm most likely willing to make them for you!!

all orientation, identity, and pronoun flags were referenced from the LGBTA wiki, by the way, which is also where you can find definitions for all of the terms listed if you're curious. the art fight ribbons are based on the official stamps by Sang.

latest edit (26 Oct 2021): adjusted bigender ribbon and ribbon display code!

Character Ribbons


1) Revelation: A character who was inspired in some way by one or more beloved movies, shows, books, games, or other forms of media. They may be inspired by a part of the media (e.g. a character or theme) or by the media as a whole.
2) Spinoff: A character who is a fan-character for a movie, show, book, game, or other form of media and exists within that media's universe.
3) Breakaway: A character who was once a fan-character for some form of media but has since been removed.
4) Shapeshifter: A character who has many different forms or alternate universe versions of themself or their story.
5) Color Copy: A character whose design was made with the use of a predetermined color palette.

Art Fight Ribbons


1/2) Team Zombies 2014: A character who participated in Art Fight 2014: Zombies vs. Hunters as a part of team Zombies.
3) Team Hunters 2014: A character who participated in Art Fight 2014: Zombies vs. Hunters as a part of team Hunters.
4) Team Color 2015: A character who participated in Art Fight 2015: Color vs. Monochrome as a part of team Color.
5/6) Team Monochrome 2015: A character who participated in Art Fight 2015: Color vs. Monochrome as a part of team Monochrome.
7) Team Magic 2016: A character who participated in Art Fight 2016: Magic vs. Technology as a part of team Magic.
8/9) Team Technology 2016: A character who participated in Art Fight 2016: Magic vs. Technology as a part of team Technology.
10/11) Team Moon 2017: A character who participated in Art Fight 2017: Moon vs. Sun as a part of team Moon.
12) Team Sun 2017: A character who participated in Art Fight 2017: Moon vs. Sun as a part of team Sun.
13) Team Coffee 2018: A character who participated in Art Fight 2018: Coffee vs. Tea as a part of team Coffee.
14/15) Team Tea 2018: A character who participated in Art Fight 2018: Coffee vs. Tea as a part of team Tea.
16) Team Dream 2019: A character who participated in Art Fight 2019: Dream vs. Nightmare as a part of team Dream.
17/18) Team Nightmare 2019: A character who participated in Art Fight 2019: Dream vs. Nightmare as a part of team Nightmare.
19) Team Sugar 2020: A character who participated in Art Fight 2020: Sugar vs. Spice as a part of team Sugar.
20/21) Team Spice 2020: A character who participated in Art Fight 2020: Sugar vs. Spice as a part of team Spice.
22/23) Team Steampunk 2021: A character who participated in Art Fight 2021: Steampunk vs. Cyberpunk as a part of team Steampunk.
24) Team Cyberpunk 2021: A character who participated in Art Fight 2021: Steampunk vs. Cyberpunk as a part of team Cyberpunk.

Orientation Ribbons


Queer - Queer - Questioning - Questioning - Questioning - Multisexual - Pluralian - Sapphic - Sapphic - Achillean - Diamoric - Enbian - Enbian - Trixic - Toric - Aromantic Asexual - Asexual Spectrum - Aromantic Spectrum - Aceflux - Aroflux - Lithosexual/Lithoromantic - Queerplatonic - Labrys Lesbian - Biromantic Asexual
the biromantic asexual flag is a flag recently created by myself! check it out: plain flag/with meanings

Identity Ribbons


Transmasculine - Transfeminine - Transneutral - Maverique - Genderfaun - Genderfaunette - Genderfae - Genderfaer - Bigender - Xenogender - Gender Non-Conforming

Pronoun Ribbons


He/Him - She/Her - They/Them - It/Its - Xe/Xem - Fae/Faer - Neopronouns - Non-Traditional Pronouns - Nounself Pronouns - Emojiself Pronouns - No Pronouns/Null Pronouns/Nullpronominal - Pronounflux

Ribbon Box HTML


[F2U HTML] Ribbon Box - F2U HTML code snippet for displaying ribbons in this (or any other) style!

added roleplay ribbons and created the dead species ribbon!

Your designs for the ribbons are so pretty!!! 

Thank you so much!!

i made a couple of ribbons!!



1. Unavailable: This character is not available for shipping. (You can add a reason as to why)
2. Available: This character is available for shipping.
3. Ship Child: This character is a ship child between two ocs/characters.
4. Match Made in Heaven: This character is being shipped with another character.

(New!!) Roleplay Ribbons
1. Showtime: This character is available for roleplay.
2. Stage Fright: This character is unavailable for roleplay.

Alternate Tooltip for Stage Fright: This user does not roleplay.

(New!!) Species Ribbons
Extinct: This species is dead and no longer active.

Made some! :) I'll edit w/ more eventually

Here's where you can find all the ribbon's pictures!



1) Alter's Sona : A character that belongs to an alter in a DID / OSDD System, used to represent them.
2) Kinsona : A character that is based off a kin.

Gender Identity 

1) Plushgender A Xenogender with a connections to stuffed animals, toys, and other soft stuff, like blankets and pillows.
2) Catgender A Xenogender with a connection to cats / felines.
3) Nyagender : A Xenogender with a connection to young felines (kittens).
4) Genderfaun : A genderfluid identity that never encompasses the feeling of femininity.
5) Bigender : A gender that encompasses two genders either simultaneously or varying between the two.
6) Pupgender : A gender that is small, lively, cute and any other quality associated with puppies, that is puppy-like and/or connected to puppies.

1) Duckgender :  
A Xenogender with a connection to ducks.
2) Abrogender
Definition 1) A gender where one's gender is constantly changing and cannot be pinned down.
Definition 2) A gender where someone has so many tiny aspects to one's gender that the person feels that they are continuously discovering it
3) Aeregender : A term for when one doesn’t know what their gender is, but has a vague idea.

Sexual Orientation


1) Ace Spectrum : This character is on the Asexual Spectrum.

Maybe a bunch of ribbons who are firsts? Some examples include, the first character you ever designed, first character you ever adopted, and first character you ever won in a raffle? Maybe even the first species character you ever got?

Maybe some ribbon concepts?

Happily Taken:A character that has been shipped with another character 

Ship Child:This character is the result of two already existing oc's ships.

Super Star:Character that has appeared on a TV show

wait,i dont get it,i dont understand what the ribbon means :"D

oh nice! sadly i think i will not use it becuse i have my hole th link in the artfile profile oof X"D still nice ribbon!!

This is such an incredible resource! Thank you! <3

*grabby hands* kinsona ribbon pwetty please? ovo

New suggestion! like eixist ribbons for species,why not for famdoms? normaly can one for "this character belongs a famdom/saga"

or if people wanna some separated of respective famdom ( i wanna one of splatoon and megaman )

heya! this is a suggestion! alredy exist ribbons of money,raffle,free,myo for Characters/species,but why not a Ribbon for Trade/swap?

idk actully the name will be but this will be the info

"a character was be Trade"

"a character was be Swaped"

Suggestion: Pronouns ribbons! Like for characters who use She/Her, He/Him, They/Them etc!

Ik this was a while ago that you posted here but how tf do you use these? I'm new to the concept of ribbions.

Hey there! Dunno if you ever figured this out, but to insert a ribbon, you gotta right click, open the image in a new tab, and copy the link and insert it via the WYSIWYG image insert thing! Hope this helped <3 /gen

Hi there! I absolutely love these ribbons!

I was wondering when will we be getting the other To-Do ribbons? I'm especially looking forward to the Zodiac/Chinese Signs!

I was also gonna ask if it was possible to add a ribbon option for character super powers? I think that'd be pretty cool to add for character ribbons.

i tend to do them all at once when the mood strikes, aha- i could probably note somewhere that other folks can take on things on the to-do list if they wish

superpowers seem a little nebulous- would it just be powered or powerless? vague class-based like offensive, defensive, and supportive? elemental based? i suppose having the second and third may work, but definitions of elements can be quite expansive, etc. .<.

I was thinking maybe just do basic power types such as: Waterbender, Firebender, Earthbender, airbender. And then like, have a base for this type for people to create as many other types of other super powers that don't technically fit under the main category. (Like...Electricity would be underneath the Air type since it comes from the Sky type of deal)

But if you'd rather have other people do it themselves then that'd also be cool too! I know it's not obviously stated that you allow folks to edit them however they'd like too~

But I guess that's fair, I just see that you've done a lot already but, I'm coming up with ribbon idea's that could be done so, I guess I'm just asking if we're free to edit them however we want too.(I know that some folks already have but idk if that's just, specifically for them or for everybody)

it does say at the top that people can make their own, and a link to the psd is provided as well. i mostly meant allowing people to do the ones on the to-do list pffff-

Ahh ok, that makes sense then gotcha! Thanks uwu~

I thought it might be nice to have some more character type ribbons to go with the protagonist and the antagonist--because not all of your characters fall into that category, right? It's nice to have ribbons to give to everyone, not just your Links and Ganondorfs. If I missed any, I'd love to know. I figured side characters already have a separate ribbon, so I didn't make one for them, but these were specific ones that I thought might be cool when you've got a side character that's just a little more special than the others.

Anyway, here are the recolored ribbons I've brought to the table.

1) Deuteragonist/Confidant: A character who appears in a story as a deuteragonist/confidant.
2) Love Interest: A character who appears in a story as a love interest.
3) Foil: A character who appears in a story as a foil.
4) Antihero: A character who appears in a story as an antihero.

I also made two alternate versions of the Love Interest ribbon, but I wanted to keep it clean when I presented them above. Still, they're here if you prefer them.

This is the first time I'm trying to write a comment without WYSIWYG so if it's messed up sorry :-(

If you hover over the ribbons they have descriptions, if I make more I'll reply to this comment^^

The dream/nightmare ones are from the same character resource page that most of these are based off of and the Sonata/Symphony ribbons are continuations of the Musical ribbon

31158328_Dcyuyrer5xAXADl.png 31158334_9TS2phJZjI0zjU5.png 31158331_EeKNxPxOsvSZadj.png 31158330_2pqBwoDkNKzMSbc.png

I like this so much! this help me to classifed my Characters! tysm! 

but idk if someone xan make more this for this specific

🖌️ Created - Was created with out take any idea

✨  Inspiration - created inspired of something alredy exist

🌙  Dream - Characters created by a Dream/Nigthmare

🎁  Gift - Characters give it by a gift

💸 Adopt - Characters adopted by money or other currency

🆓  Free - Character obtain freely (its not the same as gift) 

🌈 Custom - Characters created for someone to do it with specific or non specifict traits

did some ethnicity/country flags for my ocs and figured I'll share them too!

tF9LqTo.png LFw4e1y.png pJUpHSZ.png JPHMHkd.png PNcRe6e.png ODNutkL.png JppFkRD.png mmzWKln.png LL0vByk.png XgBehRD.png hCILcQj.png WRmsFIT.png VtbCuLj.png FRaTtUC.png 0Ug3Qw4.png ZBaiapG.png jMXhE4k.png vfNpqik.png O8lmzkR.png G5DMLIp.png Q6Nar2T.png 3kgQffR.png nqC0Ams.png zTcjNSq.png M4X1Y57.png W11oDMg.png cQJ2CV8.png PpQyD19.png 7OLWVyO.png fqQKRvk.png 3dheoyi.png cJPR4T7.png WHndDpR.png Midw2c3.png e1CioDW.png VMnK0nJ.png xUqf8Zn.png MAnF9tL.png W1LAoXq.png 3XXlqc3.png NxijcrV.png nCteZ0B.png zN2F2FX.png JSfT973.png dryGHGm.png mYZ6LKk.png 5eLWWEZ.png pCJrAtA.png RE1frvT.png 3tjLRyn.png oHoJXVp.png kXKFyqm.png VM59LFo.png IUvCVu9.png 01F1ih3.png 7Ir2CGA.png kJf5K3e.png AyZzIvW.png VN01CNg.png JboHpS2.png RO797Oo.png ov4yIef.png zwMfiaM.png JEfK4Gc.png nNlTCyp.png 5S3uNC2.png wsnLL1r.png 9NYeAOw.png yRvedOp.png tvPuyVp.png 30437qv.png 0MlJQxK.png HKNEmSE.png nyqX1Rm.png VVSQEjO.png KHZT2lJ.png 9pf5H8Z.png RKY5Z0N.png 5emccLu.png 7KYukyg.png HfJGfp6.png pZpZ0Nb.png rSCKpHR.png xPvxUI1.png

if anyone needs specific country's flag lemme know ; o ; I plan to do more later if I or anyone needs any asdghjjkjhg also can do fictional countries too if you just have reference for flag! fantasy settings, closed species' countries/planets, d&d, etc

could you please do czech, slovak and ukraine please? :0c


Yo! These are neat! I't be cool if you could also do Poland!

thank you sm!! added poland just now o/


Can make one of Venezuela plz??

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Do you think you can add Puerto Rico and Israel please? ;o;


aa thank! qvq

oo could you do germany? <3


that was so fast omg- thank you so much ;;;


no worries at all, I'm having fun with these so I'm glad people are enjoying them enough to ask different flags!

china added

Yey Venezuela :D

:o if u dont mind can you do australia?


thank you!!

Oh these are so pretty! Can you do one of Brazil please? :0

thank you! added

Aw it's beautiful!

Thanks a lot <3

Ah! If you don't mind adding Thailand & Laos? Please and thank you!


AH! Thank you thank you So so much! Much appreciated for doing this / ; v ; )/~❤



hi! I added half of the flags you asked and plan to do the other half when I have more time, hope these look good <3

hello again! just uploaded rest of the flags, hope they look okay :)

hey i was wondering if you could make a flag of guyana !!

guyana added!

ik this is a lil old but i was wondering if you'd be able to add vietnam if you have the chance? :o i have an oc from there haha ;;

vietnam has been added!

woagh, neat flags! can you do one for bangladesh please?? :o

bangladesh has been added!


hey for a suggestion maybe you could do one of fictionnal countries for ocs that live in completely made up worlds?

please read the end note of original comment, after flags, as this is referred in there! :)

oo ok i hadnt seen it :')

i meant like one for all fictionnal countries tho is this what you meant ?

if you mean general "hey this oc is from fictional country!" ribbon, I could do one but I would need someone else to design flag for it sadly

God, these are awesome and cute ;;A;;

As a lover of different cultures and national flags, I absolutely adore these~ They're so clean and appealing to look at ^ ^

Do you still make these? :0c If so, I'd love to make a request for South Africa, Ghana, Pakistan and/or Peru~♪

thank you so much! added all four :)

Thank-you so much, they look fantastic! I may request more in the future, be that real world nations or some of my fictional nations, so I'll be keeping an eye on this~ Good work and thank-you for your contributions with these~ ^ ^

new requests are always welcomed!! these are really fun to do as long as I don't have to make whole lot at once so all requests are super appreciated<3

Good evening~ Do you mind if I request a few of my fictional flags? :0c I think they might come out quite nicely, so I would love to see them if you'd be willing to~


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Wow, these are gorgeous; thanks for doing this! Since doing Hawaii, I was wondering if you had any interest in other US states? Personally I have OCs from California, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC. Either way, I'll definitely be using these. Thank you!

thank you so much!

sadly the other state flags tend to bee quite detailed so I'm unsure if I can do them :( I can give it a go at some point but we shall see!

Not a problem; thank you for considering!

can you do martinique's flag?? my main oc is from there 🥺

hello! sorry to bother you but could you do one for the russian empire, malaysia, and the united nations? thanks in advance!

Hello! could you please add Uruguay? :")

Could you do these flags? :D http://aminoapps.com/p/hiezfv

hi! the flags you have linked are members only, so I can't see them

here i've plucked the ribbon carousel code out of one of my templates, you should be able to put it wherever you like :>

just replace RIBBON-DESCRIPTION with the ribbon's meaning (it'll make a tooltip when the ribbon is hovered over so folks can easily see what the ribbon means) and IMG-URL with the ribbon's image link!

do you think you could make one with multiple ribbons in a box?

Heyy, I’ve been trying to add more ribbons into the code by copy n pasting the code from the first two, but for some reason it starts glitching out. Do you possibly know what could be going on/messing up?

apologies for the delay! what might be the issue is the "carousel-item active" part, 'active' is the one currently being shown, which there should only be one of, all the other carousel images should only be "carousel-item". but if you copy and pasted the first one, it probably has active in it still.

and if this is not the case, uhh. show me and i'll try and see whats wrong? :'D

Oh! That actually worked when I tried it out, Tysm! I really appreciate it ^^

Hello! I saw a character with a ribbon box and the credits led me to here. I wanna use them for my characters but I can't find the code for the box for them :( Do you happen to know it? The credits said that subject404 made it but they must have changed their username.

hm.. i dont know what box they might've used unfortunately :< the way i display ribbons is with a small carousel, as seen on my profile and most of my templates. other than that the usual way i see people display them is just rowing them up. sorry for not being much help!

Yes, it was!! Tysm!

Can you do a Pupgender one? Plase?

quick mlm/gay men flag edit <3


heyo!! here are some ribbons for all the types of cancer i could think of & find ribbons for. hover over each one to see what it is. let me know if there's any i missed or more you wanna see!!

deb97w6-08f62178-c1e4-4603-ab10-02c292e0 deb97w0-041ef243-1ddb-42eb-bba8-3e233fe4 deb97vw-e4f332d0-9f4b-4394-849c-cdcf961b deb97vs-77d6a14e-b3fd-4bd7-aa93-eac8f6ff deb97vq-8b45fec5-7af0-446f-8883-cd13feef deb97vo-dc50599d-2069-4bdf-b758-18efd77d deb97vk-c2d01177-4397-4041-81b6-bfc74e5e deb97vh-be0e3a8e-7837-44ec-a086-9ab0fd9a deb97ve-c811aac9-e2b3-48d2-a86a-c021c604 deb97vb-b52c7adf-c661-4296-9972-cd125c8e deb97v9-0ef04226-fa47-4d58-9ea8-96f3b684 deb97v5-ecb86628-1570-4293-b1fc-610bb4c1 deb97v3-fc527429-4583-4b03-9ca9-1cb76875 deb97v2-a0f2718e-535e-4181-864f-c82e3bd4 deb97v0-926cddf0-92a5-48c5-b816-ac600cbb deb97uy-287a6695-7b75-4271-a841-41ef2ae0 deb97uw-3a350c4e-da6d-4c84-b7a2-cb87991b deb97ut-1500a0c9-7f30-454c-bd79-e9dde362 deb97ur-8ee16069-8dc0-4039-ae70-3473ed2f deb97uo-eabc6e80-1ad8-445f-8c74-44b03401 deb97um-8f737c18-5dab-4fe4-ae32-307ce47d deb97ui-0ad1a43c-07e4-46e2-bd2f-35c6a4f2 deb97ue-49294d1d-2180-4f8f-a97f-26e261a0 deb97uc-3d5ab812-67bb-4036-9de0-79f143d8 deb97u9-e63a8abe-f5ee-43f5-87c1-53f72356 deb97u5-1b16fd3b-efa9-4f8a-b35e-1efa5ff6 deb97u3-22f3e993-d591-4dba-a43b-223b23f0 deb97u1-d131ddef-e772-45f5-b359-43215589 deb97u0-dfa5ee41-508e-44a6-9328-643a1656 deb97ty-b462f130-2839-474f-9307-917b0fa0 deb97tw-b72310f3-cf23-4fcd-a1bc-6110b76a

OOoOO I like it ! Definitely gonna use those! At first I got kinda confused on how to use them because I'm new on TH but now I got it.

Edit: By the way, what about a ribbon for a character who was adopted from someone else? Oh oh, or for a shapeshifter? Who knows?

Maybe the dead species ribbon could be a skull! 💀

Edit: or a spiderweb symbolizing something hasn't been used in a while!

Ohmygoodness I absolutely adore these and am going to use them on ALL my profiles, thank you for making them!

I notices that you had a group for closed/semi/open species and I thought maybe one for Dead species would also be appropriate perhaps?

Definitely using these! thanks for making them. c:

These ribbons are all wonderful! Thank you so much for making them!
I'll definitely be using these in the future.

I was thinking a fancharacter ribbon and AU character ribbon? And perhaps even maybe a form ribbon (like certain form tiers that they have this many forms that the character can take)?

I did quick polyamorous flag edits, I hope these are okay!


edit; fixed quick lil mistake & changed hosting to imgur so the links aren't super long like DA's hosting alskdjfh
edit 2; added one more alt as this is currently most liked among fellow polyams! :)

These are so cool, using them for my characters! Would you ever consider doing star-sign / birth month ones?

<a href="https://toyhou.se/4739396.-ribbons"><img src="IMGURL" style="float:left;"></a>

this should serve you well, i think! just put the image url of the ribbon you want in place of "imgurl", like this:

<a href="https://toyhou.se/4739396.-ribbons"><img src="https://file.toyhou.se/images/15988440_kyGKU7ZGvay2DYm.png?1565834470" style="float:left;"></a>

then put that where you want it (not in wysiwyg mode, of course) and it should look like so:


if you want to be able to put a tooltip on the ribbon saying what it means, you can use this one:

<a href="https://toyhou.se/4739396.-ribbons" data-toggle="tooltip" title="TOOLTIP TEXT"><img src="IMGURL" style="float:left;"></a>

which, with a link in IMGURL, becomes this:


hope this helps!

a tooltip is a text box that pops up when you hover over something ^^

Hi there, sorry to cut in to this conversation but....I'm trying to do everything that's listed here....Even with the WYSIWYG thing being disabled, it still just shows up as a code rather than an image......

Is it because I don't have Premium? Or am I just stupid with coding?

hm.. it should be working fine, that's odd. think you could provide screenshots or a link to a live preview of what you're trying to do?

the code i'd posted earlier in this thread still works for me, and you don't need premium to use html, only css.. .<.

Apparently it has something to do with being in "Code View"

I'm not....The best at codding. I get heated pretty easily whenever it comes to coding for anything because I have a bad habit of breaking stuff. A friend of mine was able to help me out with it before you responded, but now I know I don't need premium for this type of coding(I know certain profiles need premium for them to work but that's about it.)

code view would be the </> on the lower row of options in the text box; indeed for code to work, it must be put into code view. unless you've already tried that?

and i understand, code can be frustrating when it doesn't do what you want, aha-

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would you do awarness ribbons?

i would really love to have PTSD, depression, anorexia and bulimia ones ^^

i mostly didn't just because the base didnt suit that type of ribbon, but i could see about making another base specifically for them, i'll put it on the list when i can ^^

okay! :0c

Maybe make one for an oc based off a song?  😳😳

Ooo and maybe one that’s a design from one of your favorite designers 

I really live these ribbons <3 i also have some suggestions for new ribbons

  1. A Gray-asexual/Gray-aromantic one
  2. A Thiccsexual one (This is a joke btw)
  3. And maybe a species category? Like, characters Who are open species or closed species

moved to a newer comment with more edits! i'll leave this here as well, though. :]

i edited a couple of these to create some art fight-themed ribbons for my characters that have participated; feel free to use them! these are based on the official stamps by Sang!


1/2) Team Zombies 2014: A character who participated in Art Fight 2014: Zombies vs. Hunters as a part of team Zombies.
3) Team Hunters 2014: A character who participated in Art Fight 2014: Zombies vs. Hunters as a part of team Hunters.


1) Team Color 2015: A character who participated in Art Fight 2015: Color vs. Monochrome as a part of team Color.
2/3) Team Monochrome 2015: A character who participated in Art Fight 2015: Color vs. Monochrome as a part of team Monochrome.


1) Team Magic 2016: A character who participated in Art Fight 2016: Magic vs. Technology as a part of team Magic.
2/3) Team Technology 2016: A character who participated in Art Fight 2016: Magic vs. Technology as a part of team Technology.


1/2) Team Moon 2017: A character who participated in Art Fight 2017: Moon vs. Sun as a part of team Moon.
3) Team Sun 2017: A character who participated in Art Fight 2017: Moon vs. Sun as a part of team Sun.


1) Team Coffee 2018: A character who participated in Art Fight 2018: Coffee vs. Tea as a part of team Coffee.
2/3) Team Tea 2018: A character who participated in Art Fight 2018: Coffee vs. Tea as a part of team Tea.


1) Team Dream 2019: A character who participated in Art Fight 2019: Dream vs. Nightmare as a part of team Dream.
2/3) Team Nightmare 2019: A character who participated in Art Fight 2019: Dream vs. Nightmare as a part of team Nightmare.


1) Team Sugar 2020: A character who participated in Art Fight 2020: Sugar vs. Spice as a part of team Sugar.
2/3) Team Spice 2020: A character who participated in Art Fight 2020: Sugar vs. Spice as a part of team Spice.


1/2) Team Steampunk 2021: A character who participated in Art Fight 2021: Steampunk vs. Cyberpunk as a part of team Steampunk.
3) Team Cyberpunk 2021: A character who participated in Art Fight 2021: Steampunk vs. Cyberpunk as a part of team Cyberpunk.

I hadn't seen these! They look nice!

thank you!! the official stamps look amazing; i love your work! <3

these ribbons look so cool!! honestly curious about the next art fight for this year what theme it be ouo

thank you!! i am too :o

your welcome! :3 heck yeea

Maybe stone and jewel?

Possibly :o that be a cool theme!

Heyo! I love these ribbons, I'll definitely use them!

Could you possibly make an omnisexual/omniromantic ribbon? I have some characters who are omni ^u^

these ribbons are so cute, omg!! i'll definitely be using them on my characters' profiles! 

i have a request though, would you be willing to make one with the agender flag? you have one listed as agender but it looks more like the demigender flag. the agender flag is black, grey, and white with a light green stripe in the middle. it's okay if you can't or don't take requests, i can use the nonbinary one as a stand-in, but it would be really appreciated if you could <3 

I just wanted to say that I LOVE these with all of my heart!

I'm definitely using them! I wish I had some ideas for new ones but I don't at the moment ;;

Keep up the awesome work!

aw, thank u! i hope you enjoy them ;v;

i love these! i dunno how i haven't seen them before. definitely working to get these on all my characters.

any chance you might be willing to make the new lesbian flag? (with the orange stripes) and maybe a butch/femme one?

tysm for making these, they're so cute!

edit: just saw that you added them to your to do. tysm for taking my suggestion! ^

np, and they're added now! ^^

This might sound wierd, but is there a ribbon one could use for system characters? (like DID alts)

i didnt know about that one ;0 i can, ill add it to the list

do u think u could make a holiday or christmas themed one! like the spooky one? :0

and the same for like easter and such?

i just want you to know that the "F" on the dead character ribbon is the funniest thing i've EVER seen, i'm SO glad

May I add these to my character resources page?

go for it if you want to!