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I’m not sure how to ping but the 3rd Demi-girl ribbon option (when clicking the link) goes to the second one so I can’t use it, Is there any way you could fix it? (Btw ty for this it’s been really useful aahAaa)

Don’t mind me trying to ping jetsetspy

I’m not sure how to ping but the 3rd Demi-girl ribbon option (when clicking the link) goes to the second one so I can’t use it, Is there any way you could fix it? (Btw ty for this it’s been really useful aahAaa)

Don’t mind me trying to ping jetsetspy aAAAAIM SORRY

Here's the link to it

Unfortunately I haven't had a lot of time to fix it as of late, but I'm trying to work on it slowly but surely. Sorry for the slow updates!

Also no worries about the pings, I put my ping info up there for a reason!

No need to be sorry! And Tysm, I’ll just play around with it and hopefully it wOrks

id reccomnd updating this!! ie removing lipstick lesbian flags, adding the right gay flag, making it from lezzie bean to lesbian, etc.

Hello! I've been using this page for months to help with my character profiles and recently I've made my own ribbons! :0 

I tried to make most of the ribbons for character milestones I didnt see any other of or I just wanted to add my own spin on it. 

Thanks for always having this page available!

is there a code to place the ribbons?

wasnt the lipstick lesbian design made by a terf?

yeah, the sunset lesbian flag is used more often now bc its specifically inclusive of trans folks

I don't make these ribbons, please ask the original creator

a lot of the images are broken-

I'm aware, I'm currently working on redoing this page, though I'm not sure how long it'll take or if I'll be able to restore all the images

heyo!! here are some ribbons for all the types of cancer i could think of & find ribbons for. hover over each one to see what it is. let me know if there's any i missed or more you wanna see!! very heavily based off mistermuse's ribbons so not all the credit belongs to me, & obviously i didn't designate each color to each cancer type.

deb97w6-08f62178-c1e4-4603-ab10-02c292e0 deb97w0-041ef243-1ddb-42eb-bba8-3e233fe4 deb97vw-e4f332d0-9f4b-4394-849c-cdcf961b deb97vs-77d6a14e-b3fd-4bd7-aa93-eac8f6ff deb97vq-8b45fec5-7af0-446f-8883-cd13feef deb97vo-dc50599d-2069-4bdf-b758-18efd77d deb97vk-c2d01177-4397-4041-81b6-bfc74e5e deb97vh-be0e3a8e-7837-44ec-a086-9ab0fd9a deb97ve-c811aac9-e2b3-48d2-a86a-c021c604 deb97vb-b52c7adf-c661-4296-9972-cd125c8e deb97v9-0ef04226-fa47-4d58-9ea8-96f3b684 deb97v5-ecb86628-1570-4293-b1fc-610bb4c1 deb97v3-fc527429-4583-4b03-9ca9-1cb76875 deb97v2-a0f2718e-535e-4181-864f-c82e3bd4 deb97v0-926cddf0-92a5-48c5-b816-ac600cbb deb97uy-287a6695-7b75-4271-a841-41ef2ae0 deb97uw-3a350c4e-da6d-4c84-b7a2-cb87991b deb97ut-1500a0c9-7f30-454c-bd79-e9dde362 deb97ur-8ee16069-8dc0-4039-ae70-3473ed2f deb97uo-eabc6e80-1ad8-445f-8c74-44b03401 deb97um-8f737c18-5dab-4fe4-ae32-307ce47d deb97ui-0ad1a43c-07e4-46e2-bd2f-35c6a4f2 deb97ue-49294d1d-2180-4f8f-a97f-26e261a0 deb97uc-3d5ab812-67bb-4036-9de0-79f143d8 deb97u9-e63a8abe-f5ee-43f5-87c1-53f72356 deb97u5-1b16fd3b-efa9-4f8a-b35e-1efa5ff6 deb97u3-22f3e993-d591-4dba-a43b-223b23f0 deb97u1-d131ddef-e772-45f5-b359-43215589 deb97u0-dfa5ee41-508e-44a6-9328-643a1656 deb97ty-b462f130-2839-474f-9307-917b0fa0 deb97tw-b72310f3-cf23-4fcd-a1bc-6110b76a

unrelated but how to you align them all like this

It's just a <p> tag with the default left alignment.

oop you did it in html ?

yes lol

o ok

Great thanks! I'll add them when I get a chance

Thank you!

Question! How exactly are ribbons used?

Just as like, personal milestones or decoration to put on a character profile

What do you mean by that?

The third ribbon you have under agender, is the deminonbinary flag/ribbon not the agender flag :0

My bad! I'll fix that when I get a chance

np! it was this one that's the demi nonbinary flag16755484_JAW.png?1569131531

jetsetspy HeY i'm the one who created some of the ribbons used on this!!

Just letting you know i've moved the files to this: and the originals will be deleted soon 'v'!!!! So please update them if that's okay qwq thank you!!

Thanks for letting me know! I'll update it when I get a chance.

Hi! how can i add the ribborns in HTML? :0

You can add them the same way you add images!

<img src="image url here">


im sorry im kinda dumb ;w; how do i use these on the profile? jetsetspy

Here you go!


You’re an angel!!! Thank you so much omg 💕💕💕

No prob!

Sorry for the late reply, these ribbons aren't made by me, so ask the original owner of them! A link to their profile can be found as the section title above each block of ribbons

Sure thing!

hey!! just letting u know that since vom deleted their account the links to their free bgs/resources doesnt work anymore

Thanks for letting me know!

Hi, I have some free to use icon bases here:

Thanks so much! Added!

Free-Use BGS live here now. (Were at LivvyAh)


Striders made more ribbons! Slate has also added ribbons for years characters were created in

Slate added more ribbons. They're gender ribbons too. 

Thanks, I'll add them!

No problem.

I would love to see these ribbons:

- Inspired (fan character)

- Loved (character is in a relationship)

Sorry, I don't make these ribbons myself! Perhaps consider suggesting the idea to one of the creators featured here.

If I made ribbons using traditional art, would you be willing to feature them?


Here are my ribbons!

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Well, found more ribbons. (Found them in a profile template but it took a while for me to realize the credit was on said template oof) There's a lot, so I wish you luck on adding all of these.

ooooh boy that's a lot, but they'll definately be added!!


I also made some ribbons and I wouldn't mind if other people used them too! here they are!

Thanks! I'll add them soon!


Well, Jambunnies and MilaMilkchocolate added more ribbons. Just a heads up.

Also, can I suggest this? It's extremely useful. (I'm bad at describing people. And what I mean by people are my characters)

And I wanna thank you for this. It's so nice to have a lot of ribbons in one place lol. (and is it fine if I keep watch for updates and reply to you if there's any added to preexisting ribbon lists?)

Thanks, just updated everything! And watching for updates would be much appreciated!

No problem! And alright.

Welp, some of MilaMilkchocolate's ribbons decided to break, I think.

I'm not having any problems with them, what's up with the ribbons on your end?

Oddly, they weren't loading and were just showing up as text. It's now fixed?'s probably my internet which sucks, but I didn't have any image loading problems until now-

Well, the MilaMilkchocolate ribbons are actually linked to KittenKinq's and some of the ribbons broke for me once again on Toyhouse. I'm honestly not sure what's happening with them; if it's my internet or there actually is a problem.

I'm not sure myself either. I was talking to a friend a couple weeks back and they said the ribbons broke for them but whenever I look at it, they're fine. I wonder if it may depend on what web browser or type of computer someone is using?

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Hey!!! I found this text generator which makes some really pretty text easily, i just thought you'd like to add it!

Added, thanks!

owowowowowO I had no idea this existed, thanks so much for displaying my ribbons!! Means a lot <33 

alsO my friend made some ribbons as well! I think it'd be rad if you could add them ! <3

Hi, sorry. I've been requested to add these ribbons before but because they appear to be traced from another user's ribbon, I won't add them unless I know that your friend had permission to do so. You are welcome to contact them on the matter, but I don't want to infringe on another artist's work.

oh goodness they are?! I had no idea, I'm very sorry! 

i'll contact them and ask about it, do you know which ribbon they were traced from? I'll ask her about it and see if there's any way to resolve this.

It's fine! I figured I'd let you know since I didn't want to seem like I was ignoring you or your friend by declining the ribbons again.

They appear to be based on kittenkinq's star ribbon

Hey, just so you know this has been resolved! Cisco got permission to use the lineart from Kittenkinq and everything was just a huge mixup.

I can get screenshots if you'd like ^^!

That's great! And yes, screenshots would be nice, I just like to be sure

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I made some ribbons too! You can add them here if you want

Thanks so much! I'll add them as soon as I can!

how do i add this to my oc :"0 sorry for the trouble im new to th ;3;

I'm not really sure what you mean? You can't add the whole profile to an oc, and the links are just references and resources you may find useful, but if you're trying to add a ribbon, copy the image url, go to the profile you want to edit, click the image button, and paste image url into the little box that comes up.

yes thats whaf i meant thankyou! And sorey for the trouble :'3!

Glad I could help!

anyone can use these, right?

I suppose so? I really only made it for myself but people seem to like it so I'm kinda conflicted. Though none of the content on it is mine besides just arranging it, so I can't really stop you or anything.

oh my god bless your soul for posting this